Le Loupgarou is narratively-driven, stealth-adventure game currently in development. You can support it by pledging through our Patreon!

Set in a reimagined Bridgetown from the 1930s, the player must navigate a city in collapse as they try to confront the Lajabless for control of their very soul. Outrun the spreading corruption and make difficult choices that are as essential as possible – do you keep your sight, or do you keep your claws? You must trade in parts of yourself to unlock the world and its secrets.

Infused with colorful characters, a rich narrative, unique gameplay and a gorgeous art style (influenced by magical realism), Le Loupgarou will be available in late 2019.

Traverse a city in chaos as 1930’s Bridgetown descends into turmoil as the Baccou’s minions set fire to the city – raising it against the people desperate to change their lives.

Survive the corrupted minions of the La Jabless in all of their terrifying forms. She will not suffer you to intrude on her plans.

Make dark and binding pacts with the roots of the Silk Cotton Tree and be transported into places lost to legend. These pacts have a high price, and players must think carefully. Do you need your eyes, or do you need true sight?

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